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Ms. McGlawn-Greene's administrative and office management experiences span over nineteen years.  She started her career as a receptionist, and through hard work and diligence she was promoted to office manager and within one year to director of operations. Though a series of changes in the banking and real estate industry, the company was down-sized, and Robin McGlawn-Greene turned that well-honed  experience and her expertise into a much needed service.  That service and business is called Virtually Yours (VirtuallyUrs2).

Robin McGlawn-Greene is not only an astute entrepreneur, a great networker, and a business leader,but she is also the co-founder of a unique networking and business development company called Networking That Works.org and the co-owner of a fashion accessories business called Complements.
Reduce Your Overhead and Keep Your Professionalism High
Robin McGlawn-Greene’s background also includes a degree in fashion merchandising, being a fashion consultant for a major clothing chain, a love of interior designing, and many business-related workshops. She lives in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania is a wife and devoted mother of one son, and comes from a family of talented entrepreneurs. Robin McGlawn-Greene is passionate about helping people to succeed.
Our company is your best source for professional, value driven competitively priced service. 

Let Virtually Yours (VirtuallyUrs2) be a vital part of your growing business. 
We invite business owners can take advantage of our technology, strategic innovations, 
and skills all in a package deal or only the individual services as needed.

Established in 2000, we have over a decade of collective knowledge and experience that give us a unique advantage in providing professional services to growing companies.