According to Denzel Washington, "Luck is where opportunity meets preparation."

This computer age has allowed many business owners to cut out the
“brick & mortar.”  Virtually Yours (VirtuallyUrs2) is one of the answers for an entrepreneur affected by today’s economy. Let us be part of the preparation that will allow you and your business to take advantage of the opportunities to grow and prosper.

Our motto is, 
“Reduce your overhead and keep your professionalism high.” 

Our many satisfied clients prove that efficiency, courteousness, and reliability go a long way towards presenting any size business in a good light to old and /or new customers.

List of Services

  • Personal live telephone voice which helps callers feel connected to your business
  • Live receptionist who has knowledge of your services/products/campaigns
  • Clerical service and the use of all on-site office amenities
  • Business Development and accounting referrals
  • Business Conference Room / The Conservation Room
  • Flexible meeting/workshop space
  • Wireless Internet Service 
  • Professional Work Space

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Reduce Your Overhead and Keep Your Professionalism High